During our over twenty years of experience of organizing, leading and guiding travels, treks and expeditions, we have had many elderly travellers.

We soon realised, that although they usually coped remarkably well on physically challenging routes and under sometimes difficult conditions, it made their trips much more enjoyable when we paid special attention to their needs.

Therefore we have been giving our guides, cooks and porters special instructions with regard to all the necessary assistance, to speed of motion and to adjustment of routes.

We have also paid special attention to planning routes, attitudes and duration of tours and treks in keeping with the limited strength and endurance of elderly trekkers. So far all our clients in that category have expressed their satisfaction about the consideration and co-operation of our staffs.

The itinerary will be combined as on different person's interest. The published tours and treks itinerary are designed to have a new lifetime experience with different ethnic culture, mountain scenery, landscape, jungle safari with an elephant riding and elephant bathing.  

If you have special requirements regarding all the above, please let us know when requesting information and we will certainly do our best to plan a perfect holidays tours and treks or expedition in south-east Asia as on your desire.

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+60 Year Adventure

+60 Year Adventure

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