Classic Wildlife Tour in Nepal

The Himalayan country Nepal is one of Asia’s most fascinating countries, and is situated between China to the north and India to the south.
Nepal holds eight of the ten highest mountains in the world, nestled as it is in the center of the mighty Himalayas. Hugely diverse in habitats, it has recorded over 863 species of bird - a remarkably high number for such a small country. Full of rich wildlife sites. The tropical forest which is the richest flora and fauna’s habitats for wildlife species. The boarder land subtropical forest, with broad – leaves and riverine forest, which grows besides water crosses, and often comprises Alder. This climates and vegetation offers home to the major wildlife habitats.

Already an impressive resident avifauna is augmented by a good number of visitors from further north, and more high altitude species that descend from way up in the mountains.
This is in many ways a classic tour, covering the best birding sites, all of which have easy access, lots of birds, and any one of which has vast potential for turning up something unexpected. The vast forested hillsides hold a wealth of much-wanted, mouth-watering, hard-to-see and truly spectacular Himalayan species, and you can often be confronted by large mixed-species flocks that hold many a dream bird.

Duration:14 days

Minimum Pax:2

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+60 Year Adventure

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