Within this mountainous country with deep valleys in between peaks and …ranges roads than become vital for bringing together communities and trade links. But until Nepal started opening to the other world in early 1950’s, the kingdom had nothing except village trails and mountain paths.

On this tour, we trace a portion of the old trail than once linked Kathmandu to India via Raxual with charmed cross-country trading. That took weeks and months tortuous affair on foot. Starting our journey from thankot, a sizeable village about 2 km along The trail passes through surprisingly typical Nepali villages and than of rhododendron and oaks with exceptional views of Langtang Himal Range of mountains on the backdrop. Descending towards Kulekhani Damp Lake, we move our journey towards Daman (2300m), A vantage point on top of a ridge which possibly commands one of the best views of mountains in Nepal. We conclude our …trekking journey and stay at an exceptional mountain resort, The Everest Panorama.

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+60 Year Adventure

+60 Year Adventure

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